Virginians Clinicians for Climate Action's third annual Advocacy Day on January 23rd was a great success!

Twenty-five VCCA members wearing their white coats met with their elected officials to discuss why climate change solutions are vital to protecting the health of Virginians.

Specific areas addressed included: 
    -increasing access to solar energy generation 
    -protecting workers from extreme heat
    -joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
    -health benefits of the Virginia Clean Economy Act

VCCA received a high level of recognition this year, when  Del. Kathy Tran introduced five members representing our group to the chamber of the House of Delegates! VCCA was acknowledged for our vital work to protect the health and safety of Virginians from climate change.  

During the lunchtime meeting, VCCA was honored to be joined by Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Daniel Carey.  Dr. Carey addressed how various state government agencies are responding to the health impacts posed by our changing climate and how clinicians can engage in this process. 

Additionally, we were delighted to present VCCA’s Annual Climate and Teaching Award to Jeremy Hoffman, PhD, Chief Scientist at Virginia Science Museum.  

We will continue to monitor climate and health legislation this session so clinicians can speak out for clean energy solutions!

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