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EPA Webinar: Climate Change Impacts on Children’s Health and Well-being in the Contiguous US

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Dr. Lauren Gentile

geographer and

environmental social scientist

Dr. Caitlin Gould

environmental health scientist

In April, the EPA’s Climate Change Division released a report quantifying how five climate change stressors may affect different aspects of children’s health in the contiguous United States. The above EPA staff members provide an overview of some of the results from this study in the video, and they discuss how the agency can better interact with and inform clinicians, parents and caregivers, and children throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.


January 2023—General Assembly Legislative Preview, Dr. Bob Kitchen


June 2, 2022—Children’s Fundamental Rights, Health and the Climate Crisis, Our Children's Trust


March 24, 2022—Adding Climate Change to Your Healthcare Practice, Dr. Todd Sack


January 20, 2022—General Assembly Legislative Preview, Dr. Bob Kitchen


November 18, 2021—Electric Rural Cooperatives & Climate Change, Andrea Miller, Karen Campblin, and Seth Heald


October 21, 2021—Mental Health & Climate Change, Drs. Kelsey Hudson and Melissa Marselle


September 22, 2021—Incorporating Climate Health into Medical Education, UVA, Shenandoah, and George Washington University students


August 5, 2021—Climate Change, Heat, and Sports Safety, Dr. Andrew Grundstein


June 10, 2021—Geographical Patterns of Heat Illness in the Rural Southeast U.S and the Factors that Control Its Incidence


May 13, 2021—Climate Change and Pregnancy, Dr. Nathaniel G. DeNicola


April 15, 2021—Climate Change, Pollen Exposure Dynamics, and Burden of Allergic Disease in the Northeast U.S., Dr. Amir Sapkota


March 18, 2021—Climate and Social Injustice, La'Veesha Rollins


February 18, 2021—Medication Disposal, Sustainable Pharmacy Project


January 12, 2021—2021 General Assembly Preview: Climate and Health Priorities, Dr. Bob Kitchen


November 23, 2020—The Health Impacts of Transportation Emissions in the Commonwealth, Dr. Drew Harris


October 29, 2020—High-Value Anesthesia Care and the Social Cost of Carbon, Dr. Matthew J. Meyer


September 17, 2020—Belly of the Beast: Food, Water, and Gastrointestinal Illness in our Changing Climate, Dr. Rebecca Philipsborn


August 6, 2020—The Changing Patterns of Harmful Algal Blooms, Dr. Kimberly Reece


July 2, 2020—The Dangers of Heat Exposure for Outdoor Workers, Drs. Julia Gohlke and Robert Kitchen


June 11, 2020—The Enduring Legacy of Inequitable Heat Exposure in U.S. Cities, Dr. Jeremy Hoffman

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Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare

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