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VCCA Education Award Recipients

Since 2019, VCCA has granted an annual Virginia Climate and Health Teaching Award. This award recognizes an outstanding contribution to the education of the medical community on the intersections between health and our changing climate. 

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2024 Recipient

Dr. Scott Christopher Doney

Assistant Director for Ocean Climate Science and Policy, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

2022 - Present

Professor, University of Virginia

2017 - Present

2023 Recipient

Dr. Kimberly Reece

Professor of Marine Biology,

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

1998 - Present


2022 Recipients

Dr. Nicholas Snow

Steering Committee Member, VCCA

Dr. Homan Wai

Steering Committee Member, VCCA

2017 - Present

2021 Recipient

Dr. Julia Gohlke

Lead Senior Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund

2021 - Present

Associate Professor, Virginia Tech University

2015 - Present

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vcca award JH.jpeg

2020 Recipient

Dr. Jeremy Hoffman

Director of Climate Justice and Impact, Groundwork USA

2023 - Present

Chief Scientist, Science Museum of Virginia

2019 - 2023

2019 Recipient

Dr. Lewis Ziska

Associate Professor, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

Plant Physiologist, USDA

1991 - 2019

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