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Videos and webinars

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VCCA fact sheets and presentations

VCCA filed a joint amicus brief with the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council through the University of Virginia Environmental Law Clinic in opposition to Virginia withdrawing from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Health in Virginia's Changing Climate, Presentation by Dr. Samantha Ahdoot, November 2020 

Child Health in a Changing Climate, Presentation by Dr. Samantha Ahdoot to Georgetown University Department of Pediatrics, September 2020

VCCA 2019 Highlights

Carilion Hospital Pediatric Grand Rounds "Child Health in A Changing Climate: New Perspectives" (2019)

Health Impacts of Climate Change in Virginia (2021)

Health Benefits of RGGI (2018)

Heat Wave Fact Sheet (2019): credit to Florida Clinicians for Climate Action (FCCA) for creation

Resources from affiliate organizations and journals

How to get started as a health professional advocate for climate policy solutions (2020) - Healthcare Without Harm

Oceans, Climate, and Health - Presentation at UVA by Dr. Rita Colwell (2020)

U.S. Call to Action on Climate, Health, and Equity: A Policy Action Agenda (2019) - MS2CH

Climate-Related Wheezing, Allergy, Trauma Affecting Practice (2019) - Medscape

Impact of weather and climate change with indoor and outdoor air quality in asthma (2019) - AAAAI Report

Asthma and Climate Change - ALA (includes fact sheets and link to recorded webinar)

Climate Change & Health in Virginia - NDRC

Climate Change and Health: A Position Paper (2016) - ACP

Climate Change and Lung Health — ALA (includes fact sheets and link to recorded webinar)


Climate Crisis and Health — NEJM

Good Climate Policy Starts with Health Conference Presentations — MS2CH

Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change Brief for USA (2018) — The Lancet


Let's Talk Health and Climate - Communication Guidance for Health Professionals (2016) ecoAmerica Climate for Health

Medical Alert! Climate Change is Harming Our Health — MS2CH

Mental Health and Our Changing Climate - Impacts, Implications, and Guidance (2017) — APA, ecoAmerica


Our Common Agenda (2019) — VCN


Patient Education Materials — MS2CH

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), 10 Years in Review (2019) — Acadia Center

State of the Air (2019) — American Lung Association

Fact Sheet on Emission Standards and Economy in Virginia — Union of Concerned Scientists

Yale Climate Opinion Map 2018 - Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Our partners in the government


Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Climate Change Committee (C-3) 

Climate and health organizations from other states


Links to other Climate and Health Organizations on the Consortium States page.

Additional reading


The Case of Juliana v. U.S. — New England Journal of Medicine Perspectives 2019

How Health Systems Are Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change — Harvard Business Review 2019


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