VCCA Fact Sheets and Presentations

VCCA 2019 Highlights

Carilion Hospital Pediatric Grand Rounds  "Child Health in A Changing Climate: New Perspectives" (2019)

Health Impacts of Climate Change in Virginia (2019)

Health Benefits of RGGI (2018)

Heat Wave Fact Sheet (2019) - credit to Florida Clinicians for Climate Action (FCCA) for creation

Resources from Affiliate Organizations and Journals

Climate-Related Wheezing, Allergy, Trauma Affecting Practice (2019) - Medscape

Impact of weather and climate change with indoor and outdoor air quality in asthma (2019) - AAAAI Report

Asthma and Climate Change - ALA (includes fact sheets and link to recorded webinar)

Climate Change & Health in Virginia - NDRC

Climate Change and Health: A Position Paper (2016) - ACP

Climate Change and Lung Health - ALA (includes fact sheets and link to recorded webinar)


Climate Crisis and Health - NEJM

Good Climate Policy Starts with Health Conference Presentations - MS2CH

Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change Brief for USA (2018) - The Lancet


Let's Talk Health and Climate - Communication Guidance for Health Professionals (2016) ecoAmerica Climate for Health

Medical Alert! Climate Change is Harming Our Health - MS2CH

Mental Health and Our Changing Climate - Impacts, Implications, and Guidance (2017) - APA, ecoAmerica


Our Common Agenda (2019) - VCN


Patient Education Materials - MS2CH

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), 10 Years in Review (2019) - Acadia Center

State of the Air (2019) - American Lung Association

Fact Sheet on Emission Standards and Economy in Virginia - Union of Concerned Scientists

Yale Climate Opinion Map 2018 - Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Our Partners in the Government


Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Climate Change Committee (C-3) 

Climate and Health Organizations from Other States


Links to other Climate and Health Organizations on the Consortium States page.

Additional Reading


The Case of Juliana v. U.S. - New England Journal of Medicine Perspectives 2019

How Health Systems Are Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change - Harvard Business Review 2019


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