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VCCA is honored to be part of a coalition led by Carilion Clinic to receive a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for a project entitled "Building Heat Resilience in Southwestern Virginia through Education". The project team, led by Carilion Clinic in partnership with Virginia Tech, Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action (VCCA), and the City of Roanoke, will enhance environmental literacy and strengthen climate resilience in Southwest Virginia by building a cross-sector urban heat resilience environmental literacy network. 

Media coverage of this work has been featured in local outlets including WSET and WSLS.

Learn more about this work by visiting our website at and reading below.  


In 2020, the City of Roanoke Office of Sustainability worked with citizen scientists to develop detailed maps depicting the areas of the city with the highest air temperatures. The mapping showed that areas with high levels of social vulnerability, including low-income households, seniors, and communities of color, were on average 7-10 degrees F warmer than other areas of the city, and they also score poorly on the Tree Equity Score. With funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) over the next two years, the Heat Ready, Roanoke! project will bring together urban planners, local government, healthcare professionals, and residents to: (1) understand the problem of extreme heat, (2) work together to connect existing resources, and (3) co-produce future approaches to increase community resilience to extreme heat using the strategies outlined below.







Heat Mitigation Strategies | Led by Virginia Tech and Roanoke City Public Schools


The STEM+ Urban Planning Heat Resilience curriculum for middle school students, paired with a Science and Urban Planning Family Summit, will help students and families identify heat-related problems and empower communities to brainstorm how to protect health and improve their built environment.

Heat Management Strategies | Led by Carilion Clinic and Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action (VCCA)

Clinicians and community health staff will receive training on climate change’s impacts on health with a focus on heat illness; will partner with community organizations, including the Healthy Homes Initiative, to connect clients with resources to improve their health and living environment, such as free air-conditioning units and utility payment assistance; and will host a health and climate conference.

Heat Resilience Strategies | Led by City of Roanoke, VCCA, and Carilion Clinic

Trained healthcare providers, the City of Roanoke, community leaders, and organizations will host a Heat Resilience Fair to increase awareness about heat-related mental and physical health risks and available resources in the city. Results and evaluation of the grant work will provide valuable insights to influence future city plans including mitigation and adaptation strategies and policy development that address heat effects. 

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