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Student Fellows

Hannah Firment, University of Richmond

Hannah Firment is a senior at the University of Richmond, graduating in the  Spring with a Biology major and Health Studies minor. Firment developed a passion for the social determinants of health while working as a medical scribe in Richmond, Virginia. She is grateful to get to learn from different experts in the medical and environmental field while working with VCCA. She hopes to pursue PA certification after graduation and utilize what she has learned about the intersections between environmental and human health. 

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Past Fellows

  • Tess Robertson-Neel, University of Virginia School of Medicine

  • Brian Schlitt, Georgetown

  • Patrick Roney, University of Virginia

  • Ursula Gately, Georgetown

  • Andrew Vanichkachorn, University of Virginia

  • Tammy Moscovich, University of Virginia

  • John Ryan, University of Virginia

  • Joyce Cheng, University of Virginia and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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