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Monthly Feature: VCCA opposition to gas pipelines

by VCCA member Suzanne Keller and steering committee member Pamela Tinker

Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action opposes the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure in Virginia. Two massive (42 inch) gas pipelines, the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast, imperil Virginia’s rural communities, waters, and air with an increased burden of air pollution, risk of explosions, degradation of rivers, creeks and wells and loss of quality of life. The pipelines lock Virginia into substantial climate pollution from burning the gas and from the fugitive leaks of methane associated with pipelines, compressor stations and power plants. In addition, the pollutants from compressor stations and power plants include the carcinogens and criteria pollutants that are known to cause human disease. Exposure to these air pollutants are associated with aggravated asthma, adverse birth outcomes, heart disease, lung cancer, impaired respiratory function, irritation of the eyes nose and throat and premature death. As an organization representing over 300 doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals across Virginia, we know that our patients cannot be healthy if the air, water and soil are contaminated with pollutants.

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